Al Jazeera

We occasionally watch Al Jazeera and are generally impressed by the quality of its reporting.

Is there an inherent bias? Probably but then the media are full of bias, open or not.

Is Al Jazeera a good thing? Yes, even if the structure and management need modifying.

If we have to live with Pravda and similarities, we can certainly live with Al Jazeera. We need all the open debate we can get.

Is it likely that Qatar is financing terrorism directly or indirectly? I think we can take it that the US-Saudi-Bahraini-Egyptian axis knows what it is talking about.

Is Turkey a threat? Under Erdogan the country has all the hallmarks of a dictatorship. What about Iran? Although Mr Netanyahu’s commentaries may well have often been out of order, his negative views about the Iranian nuclear deal seem valid. A speculative deal with a potentially very dangerous adversary.

So to the extent that Qatar is funding any politically related expenditure in either of those two countries, the sooner it is stopped, the better.

But, let’s not ban Al Jazeera. It can and should be a measure for interesting and positive expression.

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