The Labour doth protest too much, I’m sure.

The only way Corbyn (and probably some/most/all of the Labour left-wingers can deal with the slight of anti-Semitism  is to admit their attachment to pro-Palestinian causes.

You can’t really criticise those who perceive the Israelis’ behaviour towards their Arab cousins as frequently unacceptable. Or the deliberate growth in settlements as defiant. Unfortunately this attitude is one-sided.

Where is the criticism of the apparent Arab disinterest in solving the inherent humanitarian problems of the (displaced) Palestinians? Where is the balanced appraisal of the history of Israel since 1947?

Where is the recognition of the remarkable achievements of the Jewish population in the face of the terrible consequences of the holocaust? Count the number of the Israeli Nobel prize winners.

It simply is not balanced to accuse Israel of a one-sided deprivation of their Palestinian neighbours. Maybe that’s the price to pay for being the ‘chosen people’.

So it is absolutely essential for all those Corbyn supporters who have demonstrated their anti-Semitism one way or another to stand up and confess. And to show how they can maintain their pro-Palestinian approach at the same time as recognising and supporting Israel’s right to be and to prosper.

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