Before the end of June I knew of two definitions of chutzpah: the first is the teenage boy who shoots both his parents. When he is brought into court, he pleads in his defence that he is an orphan.

The second is the elderly woman who parks herself outside a large office building in New York, selling bagels for 25c (a quarter) each. An executive who works in the building comes by each day and drops a quarter into her basket but doesn’t take a beigel.

One day she stops him: the price has gone up to 30 cents.

Now there is a third example: the self-serving President of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, has encouraged the ANC (his political party, the African National Congress) to go back to its core values.

Those values, as might have been defined by Nelson Mandela, surely did not include corruption, embezzlement, theft, creating new South African citizens by sleight of hand.

What chutzpah!

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