I am a bear

I’ve been a bear for at least 40 years.  I can’t remember why I assumed that description but I presume it had something to do with honey and with temperament.  Both these ingredients continue to be relevant.  I am not sure that being a bear is all that desirable in spite of the fact that most children and some adults usually own several bears.  I have got at least six, one of which is pink in fond memories of Grizzly which was the bear confiscated by my Maths master at The Hall Prep School.  I did actually get it back but eventually it disappeared, probably lost.

My hesitation at the description of being a bear comes from the wonderful movie ‘Jungle Book’.  In this movie Baloo the Bear is quite clearly exceptionally stupid although I am very fond of him.  If by any chance you have never seen the movie, please make sure you do but it needs to be the original.

So my question to you is which animal are you?  All of us can surely identify with one animal or another.  If you are particularly lazy you might describe yourself as a sloth.  (As it happens modern naturalists deny this description, arguing that a sloth’s behaviour is a means of survival.)  If you are particularly nervous you might be a kangaroo which is always jumping.  If you are of a fierce disposition you might be a lion, and so on.  Enjoy the game, it’s quite fun determining who you are and seeing who other people think you are.

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