The Pledge

The Pledge is a weekly discussion group on Sky Television.  Each of the six members of the panel raises a subject of his or her own choice.  The idea is to be somewhat provocative and definitely relevant.  We find the programme unmissable.  It’s not that all the questions are necessarily of considerable interest and it is not that all the panellists are very appealing.  In fact there are at least two who we think don’t deserve to be part of the panel.  The panel mixture changes from week to week with perhaps two members on permanent duty.

Apart from recommending the programme because it is intellectually stimulating I want to tell you that I am madly in love with Michelle Dewberry.  It’s not because she was the winner of an Apprentice series but I might be somewhat influenced by her Yorkshire accent which I find very appealing.  Most of all, however, she is very smart and, in my opinion, the most interesting of all the panellists.  If anybody can arrange for me to meet her, I would be delighted.

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