Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf!

What should we make of Trump’s hostility to the Iranian nuclear deal while the Europeans feel the deal should continue as is, while the Iranians adopt a threatening pose?

I’ve never liked the deal as I suspected Obama of being a bit of a pussycat and the Iranian Government  as fundamentally devious and untrustworthy. Certainly a big bad wolf.

If the Iranians’ behaviour since the deal was signed is a reliable basis of their unreliability: (Syria and Gaza are good examples), then why should anyone trust their motives at all? Add in Israel’s findings about Iran’s continued nuclear ambitions, if credible, it’s hardly surprising that there is serious scepticism about Iran’s intentions.

Attitudes are bound to be influenced by impressions of Obama and Trump. Impossible not to take Obama as genuine, even if often naive. Easy not to take Trump seriously, indeed to regard him as a buffoon. Still, every now and then Trump seems to hit the mark, rather like blind man’s buff. Best not to assume that he’s a complete idiot!

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