Ball-tampering and Anti-Semitism

There’s nothing like being caught in the act. So young, innocent Mr Bancroft has no experience of attaching sandpaper to a cricket ball. Who does? Probably neither Steve Smith nor David Warner who clearly wiped their eyes with the same sandpaper, tears to follow.

History suggests, if not more, that Jeremy Corbyn has more than once been caught in the act of supporting those whose attitude towards their Jewish cousins is less than holy. Why might that be?

If you are fundamentally anti-capitalist and disapprove of the moneyed classes. If you believe that those Jewish cousins represent the moneyed classes, then so long as 2+2 =4, it is easy to credit Mr Corbyn as being on the wrong side of the liberal tracks.

The trouble with history is that it sticks in the books even if the original script is re-written. It looks as if neither Steve Smith nor David Warner nor Jeremy Corbyn can look any of their sceptics straight in the eye.

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