Cancellation Fees?

Common sense may yet prevail. It’s not that the EU is the answer to a maiden’s prayer, unless it so happens that the maiden is hitched to one of those senior bureaucratic fatcats based in or around Brussels.

The point is that Brexit is not working. It’s one of those uncomfortable non-solutions which most of us have experienced in our lives. And why? Because there is absolutely no reason why those BBFs should make it easy.

The trouble is that what is really needed is the renegotiation of the Brussels Sprouts so that they are cooked to perfection and served with a little butter and pepper.

But the chef needs to be very well chosen and independent. I can think of two or three.

Brexit!? Climax!

When I was younger and in mixed company, ‘climax’ had a very clear and desirable meaning. There was a general expectation that the process from start to finish wouldn’t take no more than a few minutes.

As for Brexit, more likely we should expect a damp squib. Whatever the conclusion ‘yea or nay’ the result is bound to be unsatisfactory. Perhaps it’s like a typical mediated divorce settlement: a compromise where neither party has won a victory but will accept the result.

But here, we face the probability that both sides (1 v 27) will be dissatisfied. There cannot be a winner. Oh Dear, what a mess! Why did the UK ever get involved when foresight would have provided a convincing case that it would prove to be a terrible mistake.


How bored we must all be by the not very clear (not at all?) consequences of Brexit. Will that word, should that word survive and, in due course, take its wrongful place in the Oxford English Dictionary?

Now the cry  is getting louder for a second referendum. No but yes, rather than yes but no. Yes but no would be the result of a vote now: if the first referendum result were to be overturned, those who wanted to leave and still want to leave would rightly demand a third vote.

No but yes would be the logic of a second referendum with all the key pros and cons of the proposed settlement put out before us. Why not? That’s fair.

Brexit: what a waste of energy.


The trouble with democracy is Democracy. Fancy leaving decisions in the hands of the masses such as Boris Johnson!

Where is the common sense? Where is the logic?  It’s true that the European Union is mightily flawed. It may be the case that the concept is unrealistic.

But it’s there. And Britain is part of it. Withdrawing is a bit like the child who won’t play because the other children won’t let her pick up the ball. It’s not helpful to withdraw from the game.

What’s helpful is to change the rules. It’s not too late to abandon democracy in favour of practicality. But not via another referendum. That’s  not government.

JC, the truth

The Truth about JC

We might remember that THAT JC was Jewish. He rebelled against the Pharisees and paid the ultimate price. No one ever accused him of being untrue to his beliefs.

Today’s JC clearly does not have the courage to say what lies behind some, much, of what lies behind the accusation of his Anti-Semitism.

Let’s look behind his too often ill- judged remarks and behaviour. So what follows may be regarded as well- judged interpretation of the truth.

Today’s JC is fundamentally a virulent left wing socialist who thinks that he is doing his party a favour by demonstrating his support for the ‘underdog’ in the form of the Palestinians: hence leading to his not very well disguised Anti-Semitism..

JC is envious of success and resents money. He is unwilling to admit the truth and what is the consequence? The consequence is a growing, relentless attack on his credibility. The price he is paying is the fracture of his party at a time when intelligent cohesion is critical. What a price to pay for wriggling like a trapped snake!


Is there a future peace?

I wonder if anyone has accurately calculated  the costs of the past 10, 20, 30 years, more, of the conflicts in the Middle East? Not just Israel and the Palestinians. What about Egypt,  Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey?

This speculative appraisal focuses exclusively on Israel and the Palestinians, egged on by Hamas whose existence seems to work to no one’s advantage including their own.

Stephen Covey wrote: start with the end in mind. The end does not, must not be the destruction of Israel whose population has given more to the world in its 70 years than any other nation of almost any size has given in centuries.

But there must be a sympathetic and attractive solution for the Palestinians. One might wonder what the outcome might have been if the indigenous (at the time) Arabs had bought into the creation of Israel in the 1940s. If both Semitic groups had been able to live and work side by side. Perhaps if the other Arab nations had encouraged them to do so, the Middle East would have developed very differently.

To me the end should include the establishment of an enclave in Jerusalem roughly equivalent to Vatican City in Rome but with the exceptional difference that this enclave would embrace many, sometimes conflicting religions . The management of the enclave would require the most complex and free thinking diplomatic and unbiased skills. (Ca n’existe pas,peutetre?)

Plus the resettlement of 1 million plus Arabs on their former land in what is now Israel. Plus the creation of a North African Côte d’Azur stretching from Tunisia through Egypt through Israel through Lebanon generating an economic goldmine, initially supported by funding from the US, from Europe and, above all, from the likes of Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Sure, this is a dream, probably a pipe dream but: start with the end in mind.

Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf!

What should we make of Trump’s hostility to the Iranian nuclear deal while the Europeans feel the deal should continue as is, while the Iranians adopt a threatening pose?

I’ve never liked the deal as I suspected Obama of being a bit of a pussycat and the Iranian Government  as fundamentally devious and untrustworthy. Certainly a big bad wolf.

If the Iranians’ behaviour since the deal was signed is a reliable basis of their unreliability: (Syria and Gaza are good examples), then why should anyone trust their motives at all? Add in Israel’s findings about Iran’s continued nuclear ambitions, if credible, it’s hardly surprising that there is serious scepticism about Iran’s intentions.

Attitudes are bound to be influenced by impressions of Obama and Trump. Impossible not to take Obama as genuine, even if often naive. Easy not to take Trump seriously, indeed to regard him as a buffoon. Still, every now and then Trump seems to hit the mark, rather like blind man’s buff. Best not to assume that he’s a complete idiot!

Oh Carole

We love Sky’s newsy programme ‘The Pledge’ BUT we do expect to be watching/listening to 5 human beings who are smart and articulate, sometimes amusing, sometimes very serious but NEVER unable to restrain themselves, ALWAYS able to share communication, NEVER making a habit of talking over and under and round all the other panelists.

There is one regular contributor whom we would be very happy to see the back of and never to see the front of or the side of or hear the voice of!
Please, goodbye to Carole…NOW


Donald, get back with the other ducks!

Donald T

You must control your quacking. I get the impression that you think it would be safer for Brits to roam the streets of Raqqa instead of Leicester Square. Are you sure you should visit the UK in July? Do you plan to carry a gun in your bill?

Of course, you were speaking at the NRA Conference. I always thought that the R referred to a hunting rifle, appropriately registered and licensed to an appropriate individual; not hand guns liberally available to any Tom, Dick or Harry.

What do I misunderstand? But it’s true, I was never taught to quack and am not used to tweeting? Are you a man or a mouse or one of the allegedly feathered friends?

Iran’s Antics

We start with a problem. Many people don’t like Mr Netanyahu; many don’t trust him. These ‘facts’ negate the credibility of his very thorough presentation as to why and how Iran has lied.

There is, however, another side to this coin. It relates to Iran’s everyday antics which embrace: Hezbollah; Hamas; Assad; cozying up to Putin. What a merry band of villains and terrorists.

Not that anyone would have asked my opinion but I would never have endorsed the Iranian denuclearisation on the terms which were agreed. A complete failure to recognise the truth  about the Iranian psyche.

Never smile at a crocodile!