JC, the truth

The Truth about JC

We might remember that THAT JC was Jewish. He rebelled against the Pharisees and paid the ultimate price. No one ever accused him of being untrue to his beliefs.

Today’s JC clearly does not have the courage to say what lies behind some, much, of what lies behind the accusation of his Anti-Semitism.

Let’s look behind his too often ill- judged remarks and behaviour. So what follows may be regarded as well- judged interpretation of the truth.

Today’s JC is fundamentally a virulent left wing socialist who thinks that he is doing his party a favour by demonstrating his support for the ‘underdog’ in the form of the Palestinians: hence leading to his not very well disguised Anti-Semitism..

JC is envious of success and resents money. He is unwilling to admit the truth and what is the consequence? The consequence is a growing, relentless attack on his credibility. The price he is paying is the fracture of his party at a time when intelligent cohesion is critical. What a price to pay for wriggling like a trapped snake!

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