Is there no way that common sense can prevail? Does the UK have to follow a path which is almost certainly destructive and self-destructive?

I have experienced the odd occasion when a persuasive advisor has done his best to convince me that 1+1=2 but more often than not the evidence clearly produces a different number, sometimes 1+1=2.2 or if things are bad 1+1=1.8 or even less.

In Brexit the participants are likely to arrive at 1+1=1.5. In Stexit (the status quo ante) 1+1=1.88 or thereabouts, noting the recognised flaws in the package of Brussels Sprouts.

But Nexit! Now you’re talking!! The UK stays in with changes to the package: fresh, juicier sprouts; away with some of the excess layers of waste. Just imagine 1+1=2.4🏆

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