The Middle East

Old Moore’s Almanack (not to be confused with Old Moore’s Almanac) is an annual publication which is more than 300 years old. It is perceived to be of astrological interest and value.

I have invited myself to provide the following forecasts about the Middle East:

  1. Oil which is the mainstay of several countries including Abu Dhabi, Iran and Saudi Arabia will steadily reduce in importance.
  2. There will continue to be friction between Iran and its neighbours. The country will continue to make a nuisance of itself. It’s no wonder that the USA is taking a good hard look at the nuclear treaty supported and encouraged by ex-President Obama. (Old Moore says that leopards don’t change their spots.)
  3. New alliances will be formed with Israel, specifically by Saudi Arabia. Such alliances may lead to a strong solution to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict which is of no value’ to either side.
  4. The winter of the Arab Spring will result in a strong uprising by the Egyptians.
  5. As for Syria, with much reluctance the Russians will withdraw their overt support. This is because Putin will decide that Assad is not worth fighting for. There will be much more to be gained from combining with forces in the West to eradicate the Islamic threat. But not before many more thousands have perished.
  6. All of us will benefit a lot from the recognition that sometimes a bird in hand is not worth as much as two in the bush.

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