Alfie Evans

Alessandra and I are troubled by our reaction to the time, energy, funds and emotional stress expended on poor little Alfie Evans. I guess it’s fortunate that he had no idea what has been going on during the many weeks until all medical support was withdrawn and he died.

We happen to believe in euthanasia. It is perhaps ironic that many of those voices raised in support of trying to save Alfie would be quite ready to recommend euthanasia for the old and dying to give them a painless exit from a life with no real meaning.

Being at the end of the road is much easier to deal with unemotionally but the fact is that Alfie Evans had arrived there before he’d got past the very beginning.

It must be true that the medical profession is not without fault. Who is? Who wants to be? But the extensive, accumulated, very expensive treatment and analysis in Alfie’s case was, frankly, not money well spent.

There are many, many people who complain about the shortcomings of the National Health Service. There is a shortage of funds so please let’s not waste the precious resources on hopeless cases.

And don’t forget the trauma which the hospital staff suffered at the hands and voices of possibly well-intentioned but certainly ill-informed members of the public. Shame on them and, even, shame on Alfie’s parents who refused to accept reality.

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