Ken Livingstone

How could I have forgotten this dreadful man! Not only an extreme left-winger but also virulently anti-Semitic.

I recall the early days of my move from London to Johannesburg in 1989. We were invited to join a fascinating internal expedition which included meeting some of the then most prominent politicians including  Mangosuthu Buthelezi and Bantu Holomisa. Plus a visit to a (then) important goldmine. You should see the tripe being scrubbed-tripe, talk about listening to that smirking Livingstone waffling on.

The highlight of that tour was probably the investment conference sponsored by the stockbrokers, Frankel Pollack. The keynote speaker was the communist, Joe Slovo. He gave such a witty and informative speech that he undoubtedly wooed his audience. A really clever man.

No one could suggest that Red Ken was/is a clever man. More like a slithering, sharp-tongued, evil and dangerous Labour supporter.

But do you think that the Honourable Jeremy Corbyn who professes a positive view about Judaism will have the courage to expel the less than honourable Livingstone from the Labour Party? As Buddy Holly sang: ‘That’ll  be the Day’.

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